Just before Lola becomes a big sister

I am always up for doing something different, so when Kelly approached me to do a maternity shoot that was far from the traditional, I was totally game! We spent the morning in the city centre, drinking coffee and enjoying the sites of our beautiful city by foot. I feel like this shoot really captured what is so endearing about this family – they are warm, down to earth and fulll of life. Good luck for the arrival of #2, beautiful people.

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The Scholtz family

We found a gap in this lovely family’s busy schedule to get together to have a morning shoot, that included a granny, a grandpa, an uncle as well as some fur babies. I’m so glad they found the time for me to shoot some images in celebration of little Sam turning one. They really do grow up so fast.

The-Schotz-family-104The-Schotz-family-83 The-Schotz-family-102The-Schotz-family-31The-Schotz-family-45 The-Schotz-family-51The-Schotz-family-79The-Schotz-family-132The-Schotz-family-142


An afternoon at Babylonstoren

I can not think of a more apt shoot to start with for my first post that the one I recently did with my family in celebration of my mother’s 60th birthday. These are the people in my life that motivate me to be better, to place real value in nurturing relationships and inspire me to follow my internal compass. I find portrait photography deeply personal and moving, and shooting those closest to me always reminds me of this emotive quality that photos evoke. This is why I love photography and why it will always have a deeply rooted place in my heart.