(n.) an intense and irresistible desire for freedom.

Photography has always been meditative for me. Everything else but that particular moment that I am focusing on melts away. It is a great escape. It helps me elevate the simple into a space of sacredness + that is why I love it so deeply. It has always made me feel free.

I am grateful to have photography as one of my voices. I am deeply grateful to be able to have opportunities like this, to work with other talented creatives that use their various art forms as their voices too. We all had freedom to do what we love. Something that we hadn't had the opportunity to do in a very long time x

Concept & Coordination: Amo Creative

Venue: Mont Angelis

Furniture & Decor: Goeters

Flowers: Petit Fleur

Dress: Janita Toerien

MUAH: Evelyn Francis Mua

Earrings: Ayala Bar - South Africa

Hats: The Real Crystal Birch